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Dirama Medical Solution

The Bright Side of Medicine

Our Company

Our goal is to create a new world standard for healthcare,
which rewrites the parameters of trust between operator and patient.


Dirama Medical Solutions is a startup born in 2020. It turns its gaze towards the medical sector, especially in the creation of systems and devices designed to facilitate surgery room procedures and protect surgeons, medical staff, and patients.


We develop smart devices for operating rooms, to establish a safer environment in which healthcare personnel can work with patients, eliminating human errors in the collection of medical data.

White Box

The first project we are carrying out is a smart black box device capable of monitoring, recording, and acquiring data and video footage from all devices inside the surgery room. A study on feasibility of this project has already been successfully completed.

Our Vision

Help us to make it real!

If you want to help us, share ideas, ask for information or support and finance our innovative startup, you are welcome.”